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    A group of activists, intellectuals, and representatives from across the progressive movement have united to build an extra-parliamentary conference in support of Scottish independence.

    The aim of this conference will be to maximise grassroots involvement, which is the key to winning public support for independence in the run-up to the referendum in 2014.

    This website is deliberately minimal at this stage, so as to allow ownership of the campaign to be as open as possible.

    We will be organising meetings to facilitate this. Please Like our Facebook or click on the Get Involved page to stay in touch. Let us know what skills you can bring to make this event the massive success it needs to be.

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New Website Launched

radicalindependence.org has now been launched as our new website. Please refer to it for all future news and updates on the Radical Independence Conference. Advertisements

Venue and date confirmed for Radical Independence Conference

Following our first organising meeting – held in early June in Glasgow and attended by around 100 people – the conference arrangements working group has been hard at work finalising a date and venue for the Radical Independence Conference. We’re now very happy to reveal that it will be taking place on Saturday 24 November, … Continue reading

Report From First Organising Meeting

The first organising meeting for the Radical Independence Conference, held in Glasgow on Saturday 2 June, was a real success. Over 100 people attended with some travelling from Edinburgh and Dumfries. There were students, writers, trade union members, socialists of every stripe and people from a variety of social and environmental campaigns. After brief introductory … Continue reading

View Opening Statement

Add your name We call on all progressive people and organisations to support, attend and participate in a conference to found an extra parliamentary, pro-independence campaign which puts forward a vision for Scotland that is: Green and environmentally sustainable. Internationalist and opposed to Trident and war For a social alternative to austerity and privatisation A … Continue reading