Initial Signatories

The following intellectuals, artists, and activists have signed the initial conference statement. All are signing in a personal capacity unless otherwise stated.

Iain Banks


Iain Banks is the author of Crow Road, The Wasp Factory, Complicity and (as Iain M Banks) numerous books of science fiction.  He is a signatory of Calton Hill declaration.

Patrick Harvie


Patrick Harvie represents the Green Party as a list MSP in Glasgow. He is a leading environmental, LGBT, and social justice activist inside and outside parliament.

 Peter McColl 

Rector of Edinburgh University

Peter McColl is Rector of Edinburgh University. He is a writer and campaigner. He is a co-editor of the blog Bright Green Scotland  and was Convener of Edinburgh Green Party 2010-2012.

Sinead Dunn

Student leader

Sinead Dunn is president of Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association 2011-12. She has played a leading role in the campaigns against cuts and fees in Scotland.

Robin McAlpine

Campaigning journalist

Robin McAlpine works for the Jimmy Reid Foundation and edits the Scottish Left Review. He blogged on the 2011 elections for the Scottish Independence Convention.

Mhairi McAlpine

Blogger and activist

Mhairi McAlpine writes for Bella Caledonia and Village Aunties on Scottish politics. She is a leading member of the Coalition of Resistance.

Dominique Ucbas

Student activist

Dominique Ucbas is Vice-President of Diversity & Advocacy at Strathclyde University Union. She has led the campaign against cuts and fees at her university.

John Duffy

Trade union leader

John Duffy is Scottish Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU).

Isobel Lindsay

Peace activist

Isobel Lindsay is vice-chair of Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, convener of Scotland’s for Peace and on the editorial board of Scottish Left Review.

Patrick O’Hare

Student leader

Patrick O’Hare is president of St Andrews University Union 2011-12. He has played a leading national role opposing cuts and fees, and in organising solidarity with the Arab revolutions.

Max Crema

Student activist

Max Crema is Vice President of Student Services at Edinburgh University. He played a leading role in the student movement of 2011, opposing cuts and fees.

John McAllion

Politician and activist

John McAllion was a long-standing Labour MP and MSP in Dundee. He left to join the Scottish Socialist Party after the Iraq invasion. He is chair of the Dundee Pensioners’ Forum.

Gordon Maloney

Student activist

Gordon Maloney is a member of the National Executive of the National Union of Students (NUS) Scotland. He has led occupations against cuts and fees at Aberdeen University.

Jonathon Shafi

Socialist activist

Jonathon Shafi is organiser of the International Socialist Group (ISG) Scotland. He has played a long-standing role in anti-cuts and anti-war in Glasgow.

Campbell Martin

Socialist politician and journalist

Campbell Martin is a former MSP for the West of Scotland. He is well know in Ayrshire as a journalist and local campaigner. He joined the Scottish Socialist Party last year.

Graeme McIver

Socialist activist

Graeme McIver is national organiser of Solidarity: Scotland’s Socialist Movement. He is currently a trade union activist in South of Scotland.

Bella Caledonia

Scottish politics blog

Bella Caledonia is an award-winning blog which offers radical independent commentary on independence and Scottish politics.

Andy Wightman

Author and Blogger

Andy Wightman has authored several books on Scotland including ‘Who Owns Scotland’ and ‘The Poor had No Lawyers’. He writes a blog and is a regular contributor to The Herald.

Martha Wardrop

Green Councillor

Martha Wardrop is a Green Councillor for Glasgow Hillhead and co-convenor of the Green Group of Councillors.

Mike Small

Secretary of Scottish Independence Convention

Mike Small is a writer, Secretary of the Scottish Independence Convention and editor of Bella Caledonia.

Susan Archibald

Disability rights campaigner

Susan Archibald is a disability rights activist and founder of the ‘Susan Archibald Foundation’ which offers  legal assistance to those who have face discrimination from their employers due to disability.

Ross Greer 

 Glasgow School Students Union and MSYP

Scottish Green Party member and member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Clydebank and Milngavie constituency.

Pat Kane

Writer and artist

Pat Kane is a musician in the duo Hue and Cry. He is a past Rector of Glasgow University and was a  founding editor of the Sunday Herald.  He writes regularly on Scottish politics.

 National Collective 

Artist collective for independence

National Collective is a platform for artists and creatives to engage with the independence campaign, and participate in wider debates about social and political change in Scotland

Alison Johnstone 


Alison Johnstone is the Scottish Green Party MSP for Lothian.

Michelle Hamilton 

Refugee rights activist

Michelle Hamilton works with asylum seekers on the frontline in Glasgow, through locally run charity Unity in the Community.



Sarah Collins

Trade union activist

Sarah is active in Unison and a member of the STUC Youth Committee.


Suki Sangha 

Trade union activist

Suki is a refugee rights activist in Glasgow and also sits on  the STUC Youth Committee.

Joan Humphries

Anti-war campaigner

Joan Humphries is a Dundee-based veteran anti-war and anti-nuclear campaigner. She played a leading role in Military Families Against War.

Arthur West

Peace and human rights campaigner

Arthur West is well respected in Ayrshire as a trade union and human rights activist.



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