Iain Banks writes exclusively for the Radical Independence Conference:

Without ever resorting to crude we’re-so-brilliant nationalism or outright racism, there does seem to be a sufficiently distinct and settled cultural difference between the Scots people and those in the rest of the UK – especially the English – regarding, in particular, the balance those respective populations wish to strike between competition and cooperation – between what we might characterise as institutionalised self-interest on the one hand and properly funded societal support for our fellow citizens on the other (politically, we might also mention respect for international law and morality, and treaty obligations regarding, for example, nuclear non-proliferation and renunciation).  The Scots, for all their long, proud history of inventiveness and entrepreneurialism, just seem to be more communitarian than the consensus expressed by the UK population as a whole, and it’s time our greatest and most powerful democratic institutions – our parliaments – reflected this.
We are not better together:  we are tense together, at loggerheads together, wasting too much time arguing, together.
Let there be an amicable agreement to go our separate but often still parallel ways, but – before then – let those of us involved in this argument, in Scotland especially, remember that – however it turns out, which ever way the decision goes – at the end of it we’ll still all have to live together.
Above all, let the one thing that unites us most profoundly be respect for differing views, and an acknowledgement of the right of people everywhere to live in freedom.
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  1. Gillian says:

    at the end of it we’ll still all have to live together

    We still and always will live together. Free ourselves together.

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