Contact/Press Enquiries

If you would like more general information please contact and we will reply ASAP.

2 Responses to “Contact/Press Enquiries”
  1. ceramadrama says:

    I see i’m a signatory! A wee email wouldnt go a miss!

  2. Sinead Dunn says:

    Here’s a blurb from me as requested ages ago…

    “Before the election of the Conservative-led coalition Government in Westminster in 2010, I would have never considered voting for Scottish Independence. However, now with unelected Westminster Government clearly set on trajectory to dismantle the welfare state – it is obvious that this government does not represent the views of the people of Scotland, but only those of the rich.

    I support the Radical Independence Conference as its time that those on the left have a forum to open up a dialogue on how we can shape the future of Scotland through Independence – by embracing internationalism over nationalism and equality over austerity.

    There are still many unsure over the arguments to Independence, and it is exactly these people that should be coming to the conference to engage in putting forward our collective vision what we want our future to look like.”

    Sinead Dunn
    SRC President
    Glasgow School of Art Students’ Association

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